ActivAge: questa volta è Francia!

Il nuovo progetto di volontariato senior, organizzato dall’associazione Link in collaborazione con l’associazione francese Steredenn, è stato approvato dalla Agenzia Nazionale LLP  Italia.

 ActivAge prevede l’invio e l’accoglienza di 4 volontari italiani e 4 volontari francesi over 50. L’attività è finanziata dal Programma Grundtvig.  Dopo il progetto realizzato con la Spagna nel 2009 e con l’Inghilterra nel 2010, Link si appresta ad offrire nuove opportunità di apprendimento per gli adulti locali e internazionali.

Il calendario delle mobilità è così strutturato:

– Link ospita ad Altamura 2 volontari francesi dal 01/11/12 al 01/12/12;

– Steredenn ospita a Dinan 2 volontari italiani dal 01/03/13 al 01/04/13;

– Link ospita ad Altamura 2 volontari francesi dal 01/07/13 al 01/08/13

– Steredenn ospita  a Dinan 2 volontari italiani dal 01/10/13 al 01/11/13

L’associazione Link cerca volontari over 50 per partecipare alle attività nell’ambito del sociale organizzate dall’associazione Steredenn a Dinan (Bretagna). Gli interessati possono scrivere a o chiamare lo 0803148080.  Non sono richiesti altri requisiti. Il costo del viaggio, del vitto e dell’alloggio sono coperti interamente dal progetto.


Nuovo progetto di volontariato senior

Si terrà in Francia, a Dinan (in foto), dal 5 all’8 Marzo 2012, la visita di preparazione  che permetterà a Link di incontrare l’associazione Steredenn con la quale programmare il prossimo progetto di volontariato per over 50. Nel corso dell’incontro le associazioni lavoreranno alla presentazione della nuova proposta progettuale all’Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia per la scadenza del 30 Marzo 2012. Dopo il successo dei progetti realizzati con la Spagna e con l’Inghilterra, l’associazione Link intende promuovere lo scambio di volontari senior anche con la Francia. Maggiori informazioni sul progetto saranno pubblicate a conclusione dell’incontro a Dinan. La visita è finanziata dal Programma LLP – Grundtvig 

Looking for new partners!

Dear friends all over Europe,

after the great experience with Spain and UK, Link is looking for new partners intersted in exchanging senior volunteers!  The next deadline is in March 2012 but we wish to apply for a preparatory visit, so if you are interested in building a partnership, don’t heistate to get in touch with us writing an e-mail to

We are looking for organizations active in the field of adult education from any European country. Please read the call at the address:

Let’s play english! Consegna certificati.

La foto dell’ultimo giorno di attività al campo estivo di lingua inglese organizzato dall’associazione Link presso Portalba. L’iniziativa sarà proposta nuovamente per l’estate 2012, see you next year!

Vedi le altre foto del campo qui  

Diario di Jan

Lovely old town. Quite quiet when we arrived. Lovely quaint old flat. Going to enjoy living there. Went round to office so tidy and organised. Streets started to liven up around 5pm when we went for ice cream and to get  water from fountain in Square near to the cathedral.  Home to get ready to eat out at 9pm. Earliest time to eat. Children and all families out. Good pizza different from England with lots of starters. Old town still noisy when we came back at 11.30pm.

11th July. Up at normal time sitting out on balcony slowly getting warmer and warmer. Went for a walk before it  got too hot. Beautiful flowers in cathedral fora wedding which we saw later on walk about. meeting at office at 11am and then to Market to buy fruit and vegetables which are very cheap. Quick Trip to supermarket before it closes as 1pm and last stop bread which is famous in Altamura. Dinner of Salad and bread with fruit smoothies for pudding. Sleep before going into office at 5 pm to meet more people before going to cheap supermarket. The boys helped carry our shopping back. Unable to buy cheap sim card as no ID. Home for risotto with courgettes with more wine and beer. Puts washing machine on as it is cheaper after 7. Read for a little before going off to sleep. Managed to use Skype

12th July. Sunrises at 5am. Went back to sleep as not needed in office till 10. Breakfast of muesli and smoothies with tea. Ch eked emails at office before going out to see do keys and horses where the children are being looked after. Horses and donkeys in very good condition and the children loved them  them saw lots of farm machinery and one of the horses was being shod. Came back into ton for a coffee before going home to. Have another salad. In office at 5 pm for Italian lesson  fresh pasta and tomato sauce with caramelised peaches.. Off for a walk round old Altamura. Wonderful  to see everyone walking round young old children families etc.  Went to get an ice-cream  which is the common thing to do at night . Very different culture from home where the children would be in bed from 7 as no siesta in the afternoon. Today I went past the flat and an old couple realised I was lost pointed me back to our flat. Lovely to have people looking out for you. No gardens but people sit outside and talk. Realise this is not a tourist destination and other than the others at Link think we may be the only other foreigners in town.
Altamura is a very old town but does not exploit it’s tourism potential.

13 th july. Whilst patti and jennifer went out to the fsrm steve and i stayed in office to plan work for englis lessons next week. A timetable had been done and it seemed well organised. Looked on intrrnet for songs to teach childrn englis and also ice breaker games. I shopped at markt before it closed and then made lunch. Quick rest before steve and i went oyt to farm to help disabled children ride on donkeys. Lovely cool eveing. They grow oats on the farm fir the horses.  Back to Altamura to office to check email and then back to flat for dinner before having a walk to buy an ice cream. Read in bed before sleep

14th july up early to get out to farm to join in with activities for plsy camp. Took donkey out into pine forest to collect pine cones. Also a treasure hunt in forest as it was cool then back to camp and shade in trees to make a clay model using collage material from forest. had shower in toilets so could go straight to station for train to Bari with Ponyja. Had italian lesson in Bari followed by ice cream. Train back to Altamura was very busy and we were lucky to get a seat. Walked back to house and i stopped to check emails which i can do  by sitting on steps outside office. Ate before walking round Altamura for ice cream.

15th july. Weekend will soon be with us. Market early morning for vegetables before going into office with dteve to prepare englush lessons.  Patti and jennifer out to fsrm. Steve and i work on english programme before going to find supermarket. People are so helpful thry come out of shops to show us the way. Not sure whether you would get that treatment back home. Patti and i went into office to meet Ponja to do radio interview whilst jennifer and steve went to the farm. We were asked about our expectations of the project, differences in culture and tnhen were invited to party. Took bottle of wine. Got home about midnight

16 th july. Got up early to find clothes market sleep before going off to Matera. Beautiful old town built into the cliffs. Houses are of caves and. It was where mel gibson filmed the passion film.  Went into a typical cave where they actually lived with the animals. Very interesting. Got hassled bun a guy,de wanting to show us round.,dark when we came back so couldn’t see anything. On the way we could see all the wheat fields and also quarries where they were quarrying for stone. The weather is lovely. Not too hot although it is raining back home.  Very tired. I think it is because everything is new and my brain is having to work harder.  Want to go back to Matera. Didn’t get to see the cathedral as there was a wedding on.

18th out to farm with Pattinwhere met annemarue who is just back from Lithuania where she had been  studying puppets. Put this experience to good use by making puppets at the farm  children were less in numbers   Good photos of puppet show. English planning in the afternoon. Difficult as don’t know the experience of the children. Lots of songs and games arranged

19th picked up by Sante to go to English lessons in quite a new school. Close enough to walk started  off by throwing a ball and introducing ourselves. Then threw ball to person whose names we remembered. Childen were very polite and well behaved. Although their ages ranged from 10 to 16 they all played well together and participated in all the activities. Ranged from inside and outside games. Realised that their English was better than we thought and our lesson planning would have to be advanced. They enjoyed singing Heads and Shoulders Knees and Toes and also laying hangman. Before they went home we had 15 minutes of English conversation and it was amazing what they coyld tell us. Afternoon spent advanced englush planning Italian lesson and then went to tea shop to talk to other in English. Patti and I left about supermarket to supermarket to get wine. The heat is making me feel tired. We are certainly not working too hard but I suppose everything is new and we have got to get used to sharing not only our home but bedroom with someone else. Jennifer is leaving Thursday afternoon till Monday so I will get a room to myself

20th July patti and I to farm whereas Jennifer and Steve to English lessons which we hopefully prepared day before. Role play on restaurant and the theme was colours and fruit and food. Also games again. At the farm We did musicvtherapy. I was surprised the childen accepted which musical instruments they were given without arguing. Then played bull and matador game and I tookna video. Afterwards the childen took it in turns having a go on the horse. The horse was over 16 hands but very docile

21st July  collected eggs with children before going into see the old museum here. After a few games went into make a necklace with things we had found outside as well as cut straws. This activity worked well. Cooler today . English planning in afternoon before to day care centre for older people where we learned to dance Italian style. All the people wanted their photos being taken.  Off to have something to eat in a very local Italian restaurant

22nd patti steve and I to English classes no one went to the farm. Harder today as Friday and the children ere livelier. Was going to Radio show but it was cancelled so taken to first pop concert ever. It was a bit heavy metal but good to see the whole family there

23rd got up late as late back from concert and as the weather was cooler went out for a walk in the afternoon. Very quiet. In the evening Patti Steve and I went for a drink very Italian feeling sitting in the cafe. Tried some Italian drinks

24th quiet Sunday. Not as warm so Patti and I went for a walk. Ice reams shops open for trade

25th July English planning lessons in the morning. Much easier when it is early in the morning. Brain still awake and not so many people in the office. Going at 5 pm to watch the women make pasta by hand at the day care centre. Didn’t weigh anything just 2 types of flour and warm water then long thin rolling pin we were all given a chance to shape the pasta but it is much harder than you think. Jennifer home late in the evening. Sante went to pick her up from the train statio

26th July. Patti and I doing English classes. The childen are following a dialogue and then having to write answers on paper. Also getting the children to tell us what they did over the weekend which helped us build up a picture of their Italian lives..we enjoyed telling them about the pop concert and we had even seen some of the children there from the English classes. Very tiring in the heat working and couldn’t sleep inq

Play & Learn

I nostri volontari senior sono molto impegnati nella realizzazione di attività estive con i bambini, nell’intento di coniugare il gioco e l’apprendimento. I nostri quattro energici volontari inglesi si dividono tra il progetto Let’s Play English! e le attività del campo estivo dell’associazione Centro Play. Il primo progetto, gestito dall’associazione Link in collaborazione con il Laboratorio Urbano giovanile Port’Alba di Altamura,  un corso di lingua inglese rivolto ai bambini della durata di due settimane, completamente gratuito grazie al lavoro dei volontari senior inglesi e dei volontari europei Natalija (Lituania) e Gökçe (Turchia). Il progetto di Centro Play invece, si svolge per tutta l’estate e prevede giochi e attività con la natura e con gli animali. Alle attività di Centro Play collabora anche la nostra volontaria SVE Ania (Polonia).


Ecco i volontari over 50 appena giunti dall’Inghilterra. Due di loro hanno già voluto scrivere qualcosa per presentarsi.

“Hello, my name is Patti Wallace. I am one of the new senior volunteers. I am Canadian but I have lived and worked all over the world, including 5 years in Kenya. Now I live in the Malvern Hills in the west of England. In my normal life, I am a counsellor and a psychologist and a university professor. I see young people who are students at university who have psychological problems, I teach postgraduate (masters) students to be occupational psychologists and counsellors, and I work for the professional association for counsellors and psychologists for the United Kingdom. I was lucky to be offered a place on this senior volunteering programme and to be able to get time off work to come. I am hoping to learn to speak Italian better than I do now (which will not be difficult as I do not speak it well!) and to enjoy working with children and other people with disabilities in a more active way than I usually do as a psychologist. I am already enjoying the different culture and the wonderful Italian food! Also we three women senior volunteers share a lovely flat in the old city which is very different from our homes and lives in the UK”.

“Hello. I am Jan and I have a husband Andy three children Edward 24 Joanne 21 and Kristina 19 and a black Labrador called Megan. I have been studying for the last 12 months to be a Blue Badge Guide for Cumbria where I live. Cumbria is in the northwest of England and is probably more famous for Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth. Cumbria contains the Lake District National Park for which it is more widely known. I am 54 and was brought up on the family farm and left to study Agriculture when I was 18 and didn’t return to live in the area till my eldest son was born. Although I own a farm I rent it out as this gives me the freedom to travel either with my children or my husband. Ten years ago I studied for a MA in Travel and Tourism at Lancaster university whilst looking after my mum and children. I was in the process of buying a hostel when I had a car accident. My daughter Kristina ended up running it and it was eventually sold so she could finish her education. Whilst I was studying for the Blue badge Guide we hosted American students and I enjoyed it so much we decided to pursue another hostel business and we are in the process of buying another hostel in a better location as my daughter has decided not to go to university Whilst she will be running the hostel I will be concentrating on my guiding work and hopefully the two will work well together. My children encouraged me to travel before I have grandchildren as I know I won’t want to be away from them then”.

Yes, we can!

Vi presentiamo, da destra verso sinistra: Chiara Paolicelli , Maria Arcangela Iacovuzzi, Maria Epifania e Ida Riccardo. Sono le prossime volontarie over 50 in partenza per l’Inghilterra il 18 Luglio 2011, per tre settimane, destinazione Malvern. Vengono da Matera e parteciperanno a progetti di volontariato ambientali per la salvaguardia delle aree protette della contea di Worcestershire. Le ospiteranno alcune famiglie inglesi, a vantaggio di uno scambio interculturale più forte. Auguriamo loro buon progetto, dunque, in attesa di pubblicare le loro impressioni e le loro aspettative sull’esperienza che stanno per vivere.

Questa volta…Inghilterra!

Nuovi posti, nuovi volontari, nuova esperienza. Dopo il progetto con la Spagna, conclusosi recentemente, Link si prepara all’invio e all’accoglienza di volontari over 50 in collaborazione con l’organizzazione inglese EIL Malvern

Il progetto in invio prevede la partecipazione di 4 volontari italiani in progetti ambientali (restauro di percorsi turistici, prevenzione incendi, conservazione e registrazione di flora e fauna, ecc.) nelle date 18 Luglio – 8 Agosto 2011 a Malvern. Ospitalità in famiglia e nessun costo a carico dei volontari. Gli interessati possono scrivere a o chiamare lo 0803148080.

Dal 10 Luglio al 9 Agosto 2011, invece, Link avrà il piacere di ospitare ad Altamura, 4 volontari over 50 dall’Inghilterra. I volontari parteciperanno alla realizzazione di un campo estivo di lingua inglese rivolto ai ragazzi (10-14 anni) che si terrà presso il Laboratorio Urbano Portalba dal 19 al 29 Luglio 2011, e a tante altre attività. Se siete interessati ad ospitare volontari senior in famiglia, contattateci o veniteci a trovare in Via Santa Croce n° 3 ad Altamura.

Nella foto: Malvern (Inghilterra)

Volontariato in Polonia

L’associazione CERSEO di Vercelli, cerca urgentemente volontari over 50 per un progetto in Polonia.

Tra in compiti del volontario: aiutare all’interno del villaggio per orfani a Karlino (vicino Koszalin, a 30 km da mar Baltico), organizzazione di attività come lezioni di cucina, corsi di lingua straniera, pallavolo e altre attività sportive, prendersi cura dei bambini, aiutare nella cucina e nella vita di tutti i giorni.

Per contatti:

tel. (+39) 0161-219513